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Castle Royal Sceptre
Our Price: £4.25

Special Offer!

Allwoods Spring Mail Order Catalogue
Our latest Plants by Post catalogue is due out in January 2016, reserve your copy today and be first in line to see our new temptations for the coming season!
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Pick of the best

Mrs Sinkins (1868)
Our Price: £2.95
Sale Price: £9.99
Doris (1945)
Our Price: £2.45

Newly Listed for 2015

Our Price: £2.95
Sugar Baby
Our Price: £3.95
Isobel Pearce
Our Price: £2.95
Aeonium Ballecerina
Our Price: £2.95
Crassula Ovata v.Golum Variegata (Red Horn Tree)
Our Price: £3.50