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Welcome to our wonderful world of plants....... We have been growing and supplying Pinks & Carnations since 1910 and we hold the widest collection of Dianthus anywhere in the world! We are very proud of the achievements over the years, with all the knowledge and enjoyment we get from these amazingly diverse plants we want to share our success at growing them with you. We have have laid out our tried and tested growing methods to help you get the most from these beautiful plants. Please note this information is only a guide, there are many books on the subject of the Dianthus family, our founder Montaqu Allwood even wrote a few and these make very interesting, informative reading.
Upon receipt of your plants
1. Plant into a 3 1/2 - 4" pot, we recommend using a good Multi-Purpose potting compost, no brand preference, just make sure it is well broken up and no hard lumps when planting. The other trick is to not push the soil around the plug, simply fill the area around the plug and then tap the pot to settle the soil. Tie the label provided either around the stem or write a pot label.

You can plant them straight into the garden however we find that by taking the time and potting them up it develops a better root system and stronger plant. Once the plant has doubled it's size in the pots they can be planted outside.

2. Give them a drink, water preferably from the base and let the plant soak up the amount required (until soil is moist).(this will not take more than 4 hours)
3. Place in a sunny position, they can cope with heat and as much light as possible. While they are small keep them frost free - depending on the varieties you have purchased this may be essential ! pelargoniums, fuchsias & succulents cannot tolerate frost, pinks & carnations are generally able to withstand a cold spell - so long as they are not too wet.
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Growing the Allwoods Way
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Growing the Allwoods Way