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G5000   A Happy Thought (1877)
PL1011   Aeonium Arboreum Schwarzkopf
PL1010   Aeonium Ballecerina
PL1009   Aeonium Haworthii
PL1008   Aeonium Haworthii Variegata
PL1178   Get this plant FREE when you spend £60 ore more , PL1178">Aeonium Leuconeura Get this plant FREE when you spend £60 ore more
PL902   Aeonium Sedifolium
PL1147   Aeonium Tabliforma
PL1148   Aeonium Tabliforma Cristate
PL1212   Newly Listed , PL1212">Aeonium Velour Newly Listed
PL986   Aichryson Domesticum
PL1075   Aichryson Domesticum Variegata
A539   Albert Hill (1995)
B130   Alfred Galbally (1977)
B131   Alfriston (Pre 1972)
A1   Alice (1930)
B132   Alice Forbes (pre 1926)
A536   Allens Maria (1986)
BK571   Allwoods - A Potted History
A540   Allwoods Celebration (2010)
OG260   Allwoods Crimson (1946)
A541   Allwoods Delight (2009)
GA975   Allwoods High Potash Plant Food (approx 250g)
GA335   Allwoods Plant Food 250g
PL1153   Aloe Juvenna
PL1154   Aloe Squarrosa
C352   Alpine Collection (10 plants) our choice
A2   Alyson (1967)
P387   Amelia Jayne
L783   Anders Fay Seagrave (2003)
L647   Anders Melody (2010)
A646   Anders Patricia Griffiths (1999)
A978   Anders Peace
AP785   Annabell (pre 1957)
P388   Apple Blossom
G868   Appleblossom Rosebud (1870)
G5010   Apricot
PL1143   Newly Listed , PL1143">Aptenia Cordifolia Newly Listed
C580   Aquilegia Collection (10 plants)
G5012   Ardwick Cinnamon
AP891   Arenarius
L784   Argus (age unknown)
PF1159   Newly Listed , PF1159">Asiago - Newly Listed
G5018   Atomic Snowflake
G760   Attar of roses
C1141   Auricula Collection (8 plants)
G5020   Aurora (Pelargonium)
G5021   NEWLY LISTED , G5021">Australian Bute NEWLY LISTED
FU5436   Autumnale
AP100   Averiensis
G5022   Aztec
5074   Basket & Urn Collection (10 plants)
C989   Basket Fuchsia Collection (10 plants)
C1093   Basket Fuchsia Collection (5 plants, our choice)
GA529   Basket Planter Bag (each)
GA585   Basket Planter Bag (Super Saver 3 pack)
OW78   Batts Double (Early 1800s)
FU5511   Beacon
L57   Becky Robinson (1984)
B140   Belle of Bedfordshire
A743   Belmont Duchess (1995)
G944   Berkswell Jester
PF870   Bernard
G921   Beryl Gibbons
PF779   Betsy
B142   Betty Miller (Pre 1980)
SP1191   NEW for 2017 , SP1191">Biscuit - NEW for 2017
FU5489   Blacky
FU5494   Bland's New Stripes
B143   Blue Ice (1986)
G761   Blue Springs
P389   Blueberry Ice
A3   Bobby (1980)
B366   Bookham Gleam (1937)
B145   Bookham Grand (1945)
B146   Bookham Heroine
B147   Bookham Lad (1950)
B149   Border Special (Pre 1980)
FU5498   Bornemann's Beste
G5037   Newly Listed , G5037">Bornholm - Newly Listed
A473   Bovey Belle (1973)
B150   Brian Tumbler
OW79   Bridal Veil (1700s)
A4   Brilliant (age unknown)
G5042   Brook's Purple (1896)
L423   Brympton Red (Pre 1960)
B151   Bryony Lisa (1977)
PL1209   Newly Listed , PL1209">Bulbine Frutescens Yellow Newly Listed
C1171   Bush Fuchsia Collection (5 plants, our choice)
B153   Candy Clove (1965)
FU5482   Careless Whisper
FU5523   Carmel Blue
PF781   Caroline
G5057   Caroline Schmidt
BC   Cascade Collection (9 plants)
PF758   Cassandra
FU5470   Celia Smedley
G945   Cezanne
FU5495   Chang
G5058   Newly Listed, G5058">Charity Newly Listed
A5   Charles (1970)
A6   Charles Edward (1976)
PF575   Charlie
AP649   Chastity (age unknown)
FU5471   Checkerboard
OW528   Cheddar Pink (1 plug plant)
C753   Cheddar Pink Collection (5 plants)
B155   Cherry Clove (1956)
A7   Cheryl (1980)
B790   Chesswood Dorothy Cottom (1999)
B156   Chris Crew (Pre 1980)
A8   Christopher (Pre 1966)
A9   Clare (1974)
A10   Claret Joy (1987)
G5068   Clorinda (1907)
B159   Clunie (1957)
FU5447   Coachman
OW80   Cockenzie Pink (1720)
A11   Constance (1955)
B160   Consul (1934)
G5070   Contrast
G991   Copthorne
PF1049   Coralie
L58   Coronation Ruby (1991)
PL1145   Newly Listed , PL1145">Corpuscularia Lehmanii Newly Listed
G5072   Cotta Lilac Queen
PL900   Cotyledon Hybrid
PL899   Cotyledon Lady Smithiensis
PL1012   Cotyledon Orbiculata
G1035   Crampel's Master
PL987   Crassula Blue Mist
PL988   Crassula Brides Bouquet
PL1149   Crassula Columella
PL999   Crassula Hystrix
PL1003   Crassula Hystrix Variegata
PL894   Crassula Obliqua Variegata
PL895   Crassula Ovata (Humel Sunset)
PL1004   Crassula Ovata (Money Tree / Jade Plant)
PL1006   Crassula Ovata Monstrosa (Dwarf Coral)
PL896   Crassula Ovata v.Golum
PL1005   Crassula Ovata v.Golum Variegata (Red Horn Tree)
PL1002   Crassula Perforata 'Giant Form'
PL1000   Crassula Portulacea Minima
PL1144   Newly Listed , PL1144">Crassula Rupestris Newly Listed
PL1001   Crassula Tetragona (Chinese Pine)
G763   Crispum Variegatum (1774)
G5077   Crock O Day
B367   Crock of Gold
G5078   Crystal Palace Gem (1869)
PL1073   Cyanotis Somalensis
P390   Czar
OW429   D. Carthusianorum (SPECIES)
C1201   D. Chianti Double (3 jumbo plugs)
D1199   D. Chianti Double Offer pack
OW568   D. Knappii Yellow Harmony (SPECIES)
C348   D. Rainbow Loveliness (5 plants)
L59   Dads Favourite (1980s)
AP544   Dainty Dame (1990)
FU5448   Daisy Bell
C351   Damask Collection (10 plants)
C515   Damask Collection (30 plants)
A12   Daphne (1930s)
A13   David (1970)
G1032   David John (1968)
B164   Dawn (1906)
G5083   Deacon Barbeque
G5084   Deacon Birthday
G5085   Deacon Bonanza
G5086   Deacon Clarion
G5087   Deacon Constancy
G5088   Deacon Coral Reef (1970)
G5089   Deacon Fireball (1970)
G5092   Deacon Minuet (1973)
G5093   Deacon Picotee (1979)
G5094   Deacon Regalia
G5095   Deacon Romance (1970)
G5097   Deacon Sunburst (1973)
G948   Decora Cascade Lilac
G1031   Decora Cascade Pink
G951   Decora Cascade Red
BC951   Decora Cascade Red (9 plug plants)
PL1203   Newly Listed , PL1203">Delosperma Cooperi Newly Listed
C582   Delphinium Collection (10 plants)
C1083   Deltoides Collection (5 plants)
A14   Denis (Pre 1959)
B166   Desert Song (1935)
AP101   Dewdrop (pre 1932)
A15   Diane (1964)
B165   Diane Cape (1986)
PF1054   Dilleta Crema
B167   Diplomat (Pre 1934)
FU5503   Display
G5106   Newly Listed, G5106">Distinction Newly Listed
FU5512   Dollar Princess
G5107   Newly Listed, G5107">Dolly Varden Newly Listed
AP786   Doreen Hodgson
A16   Doris (1945)
OG261   Doris Allwood (1930)
A733   Doris Delight (age unknown)
A17   Doris Elite (1978)

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