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Nursery News (January 2017)

Happy New Year!

Well the Christmas break passed by quickly enough and the new year always brings great excitement as we wait for the new seasons catalogue to come back from the printers and this years is a bumper of delights with a whole lot of newly listed plants listed inside it, so ensure you get your copy click here to request yours!

Keep reading for a sneak peak on what's new to our range this year....

In the Garden Pinks, our new variety Heaven Scent, made its debut appearance last summer at the Chichester Festival of Flowers and it is a wonderful addition with it's large serrated scented blooms and vigorous growth habit, what's more a donation to the cathedral will be made for every plant sold.

The greenhouse carnations (aka Perpetual Flowering) we have 20 varieties to our range, of particular interest is the re-listed variety New York - this is in recognition of Emma who ran the New York marathon last year, and as if running 26.2 miles isn't hard enough try doing it with your hand & arm in a heavy splint, as she had only 6 days prior badly broken her finger and gone through surgery - so it was a double achievement and she managed to complete it in under 5 hours!! Of other new varieties is the beautiful Natalia and Qiora - both are stunning.

In the spray carnations we have listed 7 - yes 7 new spray varieties to our range, and these are beautiful, keeping with the running theme we have the unusual beauty Lady Ran and for completing the race we have Podium such a delicate colour, but if you want something truly new go for Novita - this is brand new to the carnation industry and is a lovely dusky colour. For those wanting to jazz up and brighten an area try the striking Seduction. A top growing tip to try for these if your new to growing Spray carnations, plant 3 to 5 plants to a 9" pot in good multi-purpose potting compost, place outside (from May) in a sunny position, as the plants grows give a little support for the flowers to grow up and be rewarded with an abundance of colour all summer long, Spray carnations are very easy to flower and require very little maintenance, to get the best of your plants our high potash plant food can be used which will actively encourage more flowers on your plants, what's more it can be used on ANY flowering plant in the garden, greenhouse or conservatory.

In our Pelargonium range we have added 2 new varieties to our species range, Triste & Fulgidum are unique with their foliage and vivid flower colours, though we ask for patience if ordering Triste as it may be in short supply as we grow to supply demand, or why not try our newly listed scented leaf Charity, this has a most eye-catching foliage or the lemon scented Radula is a must for that something different to your neighbours appeal. For the border or garden beds we have the visually striking Orange Splash with its speckled flowers. In the ever expanding Stellar varieties Fleetlands makes its debut appearance and is a stunner with it's speckled flowers and compact foliage or why not try Dolly Varden this pretty tri-coloured leaf was very popular in the Victorian ere, with the grand houses that needed something special in their gardens. It's bright scarlet red flowers makes a showy display and good bushy growth compliments the look, and if that is not enough then the pièces de résistance would be Australian Bute a stunning regal variety with it's rich blooms.

Succulents continue to be in serious vogue and it's clear to see why these amazing architectural plants are so fashionable, easy to grow and ideal to decorate a small windowsill or fill a conservatory, we have lots to choose from and have a couple of new ones to our range Corpuscula Lehmanii with its chunky block stems or why not try our visually striking Aeonium Leuconeura with its strong rosettes and beautiful markings, makes a wonderful compact plant and very easy to grow, or if you want an easy eye catching flowering variety try the newly listed Delosperma Cooperi - a must !

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Flowers from the Flower Shed continue to delight, and this time of year sees an abundance of Anniversary celebrations and what better way to mark the occasion than with a bunch of beautiful, long lasting flowers. What's more we can even colour co-ordinate the event i.e. Gold colours for a Golden Wedding! Simply talk to a member of staff and they will be happy to help advise you on the right bouquet for the occasion. What's more we now have a new Flowers by Post website to help make it even easier to order your flowers direct - check it out at

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Happy Growing !!

David, Emma, Edward, Daniel & everyone at Allwoods.