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Q How big are the plants that you send out?
We send all our plants as well rooted plugs, we use a large sized plug that can generally go straight into a 3 or 4" pot without any trouble. The plant growth above the plug really depends on what the variety being ordered is, but on average will be approx 2-4" above plug top. however depending on time of year and variety this can vary.

Q When can I expect delivery?
We operate a strict first come, first served policy and will not send plants out during November to February due to inclement weather. For up-to-date delivery information check out our delivery info section which has the latest on order delivery. As a general rule we aim to despatch within 28 days on receipt of the order, and more often than not are much quick than this, however please take into consideration that during peak times (Feb to May) this can be increased to 35-40 days. There can also be delivery delays on particular varieties, as although we try and have all the varieties we grow available it is not always feasable and as we grow ALL our own plants if a variety turns out to be very popular or difficult to root we sometimes have to wait before we can complete the order. If there is likely to be a long delay we will contact you to let you know and give you an estimate of when delivery may be.

Q When can I start planting my plants outside?
A If purchasing plug plants for best results we recommend you plant your pinks into pots first let them double their size then plant them in your garden, we find this gives a better rate of success - that's not to say you can't plant them straight outside, we would recommend as they are young plants this is safest when all risk of frost has passed usually late May.
Q If I am planning to plant an area of garden with pinks how far apart should I plant them?
A We recommend you plant your Pinks approximately a foot apart to allow maximum area for them to grow into. Don't want to wait? Simply plant them closer together and they will cover the ground area faster.
Q What if I'd like to visit the Nursery to collect my plants?
A We are always more than happy for customers to visit the Nursery Shop (Cheam Plant Centre) which is open during the Spring 1st March to 30th June. We do recommend you contact us before your visit so we can make sure to have your order ready for you if you require plants from the mail order range.
Q How much should I water my plants?
A When you receive your plants they will be young plants with a good but developing root system. Plants need both water and air in the soil to develop good roots and grow. If they are overwatered the air gaps in the soil are filled with water and this will cause the plant to stop growing and begin to rot off. For best results keep the plants just moist. Pinks and Carnations don't mind cold conditions but they hate to be wet. Compost can look dry on top but be fairly wet lower down. It is best to take account of the weather conditions when watering. If you are unsure it can be best to lift the pot before watering if it is heavy then it is still wet; if it is light then it's dry.
Q What compost should I use to pot on?
A Pinks can be planted in tubs, patio pots, window boxes, even hanging baskets. This is an ideal way to grow them if you are on clay soil! Plant them into a good multi purpose compost. We use Arthur Bowers Multi Purpose.
Q My pinks didn't have many flowers this summer, lots of buds formed but then they didn't develop any further although I was feeding them. Can you help?
A It sounds as if you have been affected by Catapillars, this is a tiny insect that makes a small hole in the flower bud, crawls in then proceeds to eat the insides of the flowers which prevents the flowers from ever opening. The only signs you have is a tiny hole in the flower bud itself and a plant that has lots of buds that fail to open and subsequently die off.
To combat the problem watering and spraying with a systemic insecticide will prevent the insect, you can find this in your local garden centre but it must be a SYSTEMIC type, the systemic type is absorbed into the plant , which if an insect then tries to munch on your plant it will be killed off.
Q My plants have grown superbly with lots of lush growth, but no flowers! Why?
A You need to look at what type of soil/compost you have planted them in, is it very high in Nitrogen as this will cause lots of leafy growth. Alternatively have you been feeding them, if so check it isn't too high in Nitrogen. To encourage flowers we would suggest you feed them with a High Potash feed, one for tomatoes is normally suitable. as this will make the plants stop focusing on growing and instead start performing a wonderful display. As a final check ensure they are getting lots of sunlight, if the plant growth is spindly it might not be getting enough sunlight to encourage the plants to flower.