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Aeonium Tabliforma Cristate

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Succulent - This is the cristate version of Aeonium Tabliforma (aka: Dinner Plate Plant) Cristates are a mutation of the original plant which can give it a completely different look, this makes it a highly talkative variety in anyone's greenhouse or conservatory. Cristates can sometimes grow slightly slower than normal growth and as the plant matures can occasionally throw out "normal" growth plantlets - if non-cristate growth appears it is suggested to remove it from the original plant as it can sometimes take over and you can then lose the interesting, unusual cristate growth.

Top tip: Don't overwater this variety.

Supplied with full growing instructions. Protect from frost

Please note: Plant supplied may vary slightly in colour / bushiness and quantity of Rosettes to that shown in the picture.

Plant supplied as a pot ready jumbo plug, grown in peat free compost. See "How your plants arrive" section on our website

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