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Easy to grow Pelargoniums…

As per usual, our Pelargoniums are in high demand this season understandably so… We have a very wide range of Pelargonium species from windowsill miniatures to Zonals such as Caroline Schmidt that can grow up to 3ft. So there is a variety for just about anyone.


Triste & Fulgidum which are real eye catches with their foliage and vivid flower colours,though we ask for patience if ordering Triste as it may be in short supply as we grow to supply demand.

Pelargoniums are well known for their pungent scent and this


Charity, has a most eye-catching lime green foliage with a lovely sweet smell. We also introduce the lemon scented Radula which is a must for that “something different to your neighbours” appeal.


Orange Splash. As the name suggests it is a lovely shade of orange with speckled flowers, it really is quite spectacular.  If you’re a lover of the speckled flowers then check out Fleetlands which makes its debut appearance in our ever expanding Stellar range it’s a real stunner.

Dolly Varden is a pretty tri-coloured leaf which was very popular in


And then there is our very own, brand new Angel variety being launched this year.  Treasured Memories, named in memory of


Treasured Memories flourish for you and your loved ones.

Growing Pelargoniums successfully requires a  bit of TLC, we advise feeding them from the start of the season and keep them moist but not waterlogged. It is a good idea to pinch the tips out when planting them up to encourage a more bushy growth rather then a leggy plant. Remove any stems with old faded flowers from the main plant which will encourage new flowers to grow. Remember to keep these precious plants free from frost as if the stems freeze, they will not recover.

For any further information on growing and caring for Pelargoniums, please contact our office on 01273 844 229 or send us your enquiry here and we will get back to you. Alternatively our products can be viewed online here but if you are looking for something in particular please let us know as not all varieties we stock and grow are listed on our website…. yet!

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