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Seriously striking Sprays

Spray Carnations, so named because of the many buds that are produced from each flowering stem, are very easy to flower and require very little maintenance. They make great additions to any garden and are the added bonus is they last several weeks as cut flowers.

We listed 7 – yes 7 new spray carnation varieties to our range this year, and we still have stock available so if you’re looking for something different, these beauties will look magnificent in any garden. Their colours are rather unusual, but are a must have for any collector.

One of the most interesting would have to be Lady Ran. With its vibrant green petals and contrasting red picotee edge, it’s really quite something! May not be everybody’s cup of tea but definitely a unique variety to grow as there is nothing else quite like it.

If you’re a fan of the bright colours and are wanting to bring that WOW factor to an area in the garden, then you will absolutely love the strikingly beautiful Seduction.

Perhaps the pastel, pale hues are more up your ally? The very delicate Podium is one to look at for sure as it is such a stunning peachy pink and is ideal as a more softening flower.

This year we also have a brand new variety to the carnation industry called Novita. It is a lovely 

dusky colour pink and we have a feeling florists are going to really fall in love with this variety.

A top growing tip to try if you’re new to growing Spray carnations, plant 3 to 5 plants to a 9″ pot in good, multi-purpose potting compost. Place outside (from May) in a sunny position and as the plants grow, give a little support for the flowers to grow up with some of our plant supports along with our high potash plant food which should be used to get the very best results.

If you would like a little more information on the care of these easy to grow plants we offer a ‘Growing the Allwoods Way’ booklet priced just £2.99. This 16 page guide to successful growing of all the plants we sell. It helps you get started, to long term care plus we cover the basics and show you how to get the most from our range of plants, from taking cuttings right through to watering your plants. Order your copy here.

If you would like to order these stunning plants or want further information, please call our office on 01273 844 229 or order online, our full range can be viewed here.

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