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Team building extreme...

Well we have been a little quite on here lately but that's not because we have nothing to do or say it's quite the contrary and for once it is not all about plants this time either!

So where do we begin, well the latest 'goings on' is the team building exercise that Emma & Sarah took part in at the weekend, the Druids Challenge race, is a 3 day, 84 mile (135km) ultra marathon, crossing the historic Ridgeway - the oldest roadway in the UK. They started in Buckinghamshire in deep fog and finished in Wiltshire in glorious sunshine. They competed with 112 other participants to complete the course over the beautiful quintessentially English countryside and managed to complete the race in 23 hours and 29 mins.

Of course it wouldn't have been possible without the valuable aid of their pit crew member David who supplied them with tea and donuts en route and chauffeured them to the start and back to the hotels each day. Well done ladies!

Down in the greenhouse, things never stand still, there is always work to be done, even now with the cold nights and shorter daylight hours plants need more protection and we have to make sure the heaters are working correctly and the greenhouse is well ventilated when we can, sunny days are perfect for this.

We are busy preparing ready for the spring with endless cuttings being taken to root over the winter months on heated propagators. Mother stock plants are being tidied and trimmed to help them produce nice cuttings for us in the Spring months and it is a good time to catch up on repair jobs that have been put off during the busy summer months.

Watering is still required but much more sparingly and less often as over watering can cause many problems such as botrytis and root rot, our previous blog "Still work to be done" covers this and much more about what to do at this time of year, so is well worth a read.

In the flower shed things are also getting busier with the onset of Christmas - although we hesitate to use that word too early we can't avoid it and for us preparations have to start as early as September to ensure we have enough cut flowers and colours available for demand.

Our cut flower service continues to delight all who receive them and what better gift can you give? they are long lasting, value for money and come in a range of colours, what's more we have been sending flowers by post since 1915 so we must be doing something right!! We use the same top quality flowers that have won us countless Gold Medals and can be sent as a one off 'Thank you' gift or save more by sending a regular monthly order, perfect for flower arrangers, or to brighten a room in a hotel. We cater for all colour requirements and deadlines. Orders for Christmas flowers are now being taken and will continue right up until 19th December. If you want to find out more or give us a try then call us on 01273 844229 or head over to our dedicated Flowers by Post website HERE

So as we move into our "quiet" period we start making plans and preparations for next Spring and 2020 sees us celebrate 110 years of growing and supplying plants so that is the perfect excuse for a celebration surely? So watch this space as we have several things being planned!!

Thanks for reading and until next time, Happy Growing :-)

The Allwoods Team.

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