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URGENT Nursery News!

­We are just wanting to let all our customers know that following the excessive damage sustained from storm Eunice on Friday our previous advertised delivery times may need to be changed as we deal with the damage to our office and part of the main mail order & stock greenhouse, as we work to securing and ensuring our plants remain safe and well. We wish to apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause but we hope you will understand the pressure and time delay we are now facing not only in replacing lost stock but whilst urgent maintenance work is carried out and the sudden chaos this has caused in re-jiggling plants to fit in an already overflowing greenhouse, but when you are dealing with temperature sensitive plants like pelargoniums and succulents suddenly having the roof blown off has caused all other jobs to be halted. Rest assured we wish to fulfil your order as soon as we possibly can, but please ask that you give us an element of patience as we work through this sudden disaster, we have not only lost a section of our greenhouse but potentially some of the young plants that were specifically growing for the orders for this spring and to replace these will not only take time but the mother stock plants, which had already been stripped of plant material in readiness for our busy spring season now need to recover, so some varieties may now be in very limited supplies for this season. Until we are able to fully assess the situation we cannot say at present which varieties have been most affected and we are now busy trying to prepare another area to work in to enable us to start packing and fulfilling all the orders we have and ensuring the greenhouse is as secure as it possibly can be. Thank you for your understanding.

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