About us

Celebrating 110 years of business, Allwoods has a big collection and a lot of history

Family photo of the owners of Allwoods

David & Emma took over Allwoods in 1994 when they rescued it from closure.  Their passion for plants stems back to their grandparents as they both grew up on plant nurseries and met whilst exhibiting at Flowers Shows.

They are dedicated and passionate about the plants they grow, and are proud to be able to offer such a wide range of unusual and interesting varieties, lots are rare and exclusive to us!!  and all are ‘home grown’ on our nursery in Sussex by David and his team.  They continue to breed new varieties and launched a new garden pink in 2016, 'D. Heaven Scent',  a new Angel pelargonium 'Treasured Memories' and a brand new yellow flowering pelargonium 'Allwoods Lemon Drizzle' in 2017!

Emma runs the office and plant order department along with her team, and their two children Edward & Daniel also get to muck in.

Our Vision

To keep history alive, we grow an extensive range of plants, many of which are no longer grown commercially anywhere else in the world and if we stopped growing them then a huge chunk of history would be gone - forever!!

How it all began

Allwoods was started in 1910 by 3 brothers, Montaqu, Edward & George Allwood and soon became the worlds leading Dianthus specialist, their breeding breakthrough in the early 1900s revolutionised plant breed with many techniques still used around the world.  Many of our early varieties are still as popular as ever - such as the famous garden pink 'Doris'.

Although Allwoods has changed a bit since those early days  we are still proud to hold a unique and impressive plant collection like no-other in the world, the Dianthus range alone (some 400+ different varieties) culminates the whole species all under one roof, from tiny alpine pinks flowering at just 2" to Greenhouse Carnations that can reach upto 6ft.  There is something for everyone, every garden and every colour - some varieties even date back to the Tudor dynasty!!

The original Allwood brothers

It is this passion of growing that has kept Allwoods the leading growers and suppliers of Dianthus for over 100 years - but the range doesn't stop at Dianthus, they also, thanks to David's grandfather Jack Cox, have a very interesting (rare some would say) collection of Pelargoniums (Geraniums to you and me) some 600+ varieties (read our blog on the story behind our Pelargoniums!), and thanks to Emma's father they now have an ever expanding Succulent collection full of interesting, choice varieties alongside common favourites as well as many other garden plants and the collection literally keeps on growing.

Awards a plenty
Southport 05 front cropped.jpg

Throughout the last 110 years we have amassed a HUGE collection of awards and trophies for our displays and range of plants at the various flower shows and gardening events that we have exhibited at throughout the country, such as Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court, BBC Gardeners World, Harrogate, Southport and Sandringham Flower Show.


We have also featured in many gardening publications like Gardeners World, Garden News, Amateur Gardening, The Garden with our range of plants alongside newspapers such as The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun Gardening, Women's Weekly and local publications such as Mid Sussex Times and The Argus.

Our nursery has featured on BBC Gardeners World and on the BBC's Great British Garden Revival programme.  We have also done various radio interviews, both local and regional.