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Alpine Pinks

These little chaps grow only 2-8" high, they form great ground cover and produce masses of flowers throughout the summer. Although the flowers are scented they are grown more for their ground covering abilities. They are excellent for borders, edging, rockeries and even containers. They like a sunny and free draining position and will form super compact clumps. Flowering from May onwards, but remember to keep deadheading to promote more flowers and don't forget to feed this helps encourage good growth and flowers, our plant food is perfect.

Please note: Alpines are small growing plants, and when we send them out they may be a lot smaller than other garden pinks supplied, they will grow on quite happily but take longer and they must not be over watered whilst getting established as too much moisture around the root ball can cause root rot. All plants supplied receives a FREE copy of our Growing the Allwoods way 16 page booklet.

Please note: All our plants (unless stated otherwise) are supplied as ready to pot jumbo plugs. All pictures are to give you guidance as to how the plant may look / flower and depending on how you are viewing our products and your screen settings some colour variations may occur to that seen in real life. We grow everything in peat free compost. Please visit our "How your plants arrive" section on our website for more information.


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