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Succulents are more and more popular with their intricate designs, shapes, sizes and ability to withstand months of neglect yet reward you with some amazing colourful flowers. It makes them a worthy addition to any greenhouse or conservatory - some will even sit quite happily outside during the summer months, but remember to bring them in for the winter as succulent are not classed as winter hardy in the UK.

Please note: All our plants (unless stated otherwise) are supplied as ready to pot jumbo plugs. All pictures are to give you guidance as to how the plant may look / flower and depending on how you are viewing our products and your screen settings some colour variations may occur to that seen in real life. Due to plant growth and packaging limitations plants supplied may be smaller / less bushy than those shown. We grow everything in peat free compost. Please visit our "How your plants arrive" section on our website for more information.

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