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Border & Garden Carnations

Border Carnations are hardy garden carnations, now a rarity and no longer grown commercially. They have a relatively short flowering season but no other flower has such a wide range of colour combinations, and with their heady perfume they add distinction to any garden. It is with great pride we offer them to you, but they are always in very limited supplied and we up-date our website as soon as we have any ready.

Being completely hardy, border carnations have no need of a heated greenhouse, they do best in an open, sunny, well drained position. The cultural requirements are simple and therefore anyone with a garden can grow them. Grown in an unheated greenhouse for exhibition, they make an interesting and rewarding hobby with many winning on the show benches! If growing for exhibition they will require the side buds to be dis-budded to give bigger individual blooms, otherwise you can leave all the side buds to develop and they will flower more like a spray carnation. They generally flower from May to July and will require supporting our tried and tested plant supports are ideal for this.

Please note: All our plants (unless stated otherwise) are supplied as ready to pot jumbo plugs. All pictures are to give you guidance as to how the plant may look / flower and depending on how you are viewing our products and your screen settings some colour variations may occur to that seen in real life. We grow everything in peat free compost. Please visit our "How your plants arrive" section on our website for more information.

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