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Long Flowering Garden Pinks

These wonderful summer flowering pinks are ideal in any garden, with their repeat flowering abilities and beautiful clove scent they have it all. Designated by the Royal Horticultural Society Scientific Committee as Allwoodii pinks, originally created by our founder Montagu Allwood who crossed old fashioned pinks with perpetual flowering carnations, producing repeat flowering varieties with the hardiness and clove scent of pinks and the long flowering ability of greenhouse carnations. They revolutionised the popularity and garden worthiness of pinks and led them being as popular as they are today.

Position: Garden pinks like a sunny spot, good drainage and feeding throughout the summer months. long flowering varieties flower from April/May right up until the autumn frosts stop them. Regular dead heading is recommended. In the autumn remove all dead flowers, trim & tidy plant ready for new spring growth. All our plants are supplied as well rooted jumbo plug plants and we always advise potting plants up first before planting into the garden.

Please note: All our plants (unless stated otherwise) are supplied as ready to pot jumbo plugs. All pictures are to give you guidance as to how the plant may look / flower and depending on how you are viewing our products and your screen settings some colour variations may occur to that seen in real life. We grow everything in peat free compost. Please visit our "How your plants arrive" section on our website for more information.

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