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Heritage Collection (6 plants)

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Our Heritage Collection is a selection of our vintage garden pinks, their place is well deserved and any garden should have some, these all date pre-1900s and are perfect for the garden, border or they make ideal container plants. The scent from these are amazing, they are strongly clove scented and grow into clumps, which in a sunny well drained spot can remain growing happily for years. They have a relatively short flowering season, flowering mainly through June & July, but can be mixed well with the more modern long flowering varieties to give an great all round scented display. Hardy perennial.
This collection consists of 6 ready to pot jumbo plug plants of our choice and is a selection from our heritage garden pinks range. All individually labelled and in a range of colours.

Order 2 or more collections and we will try to send as many different varieties as possible!

Supplied as a pot ready jumbo plug plants, grown in peat free compost, see "How your plants arrive" section on our website.

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