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Lucky Dip Carnation Offer (10 plug plants)

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A fantastic lucky dip selection of Perpetual Flowering carnations , we select lots of different colours for you to grow. The lucky dip pack consists of 10 ready to pot jumbo plugs, selected from our huge range, each individually labelled and full growing instructions included. Grow them as patio plants, why not plant 3 or 5 into a 5lt (9") pot to get a quick patio plant that flowers all summer long! They will require supporting as the flower stems can reach upto 3ft in height! Our tried and tested plant supports are perfect for this.

Perpetual Flowering carnations are so easy to grow, with their wonderful ability to flower 12 months of the year (heated greenhouse/conservatory required in the winter) and they come in a wide range of colours - they also mix really well with spray carnations. Perpetual flowering carnations are the same type you buy in the local supermarkets, so are perfect for cutting, for use in floral arrangements or simply for the home!!

This collection pack consists of 10 plug plants our selection, colour/variety is not guaranteed and may vary to the photograph - the photo is to show the range & colours we grow, not what will be supplied in this collection. We select from our vast range of greenhouse perpetual flowering varieties.

Each individually labelled and sent with full growing instructions.

Supplied as a pot ready jumbo plug plants, grown in peat free compost. See "How your plants arrive" section on our website.

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