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Welcome to our wonderful Pelargonium collection, we stock and grow over 600 different varieties, many of which you are unlikely to see in any garden centre. Lots are very old varieties and have been kept going by enthusiastic amateurs and specialist nurseries like ourselves. Our collection has an amazing history and you can read more about how it began here

Pelargoniums are easily grown in well drained soil in a place with plenty of light and if protected from frost and a damp atmosphere, they will live for many years. The golden rule with these plants is to keep them damp at the roots (but never waterlogged) and dry at the top. Pelargoniums are often mistakenly referred to as Geraniums - it is a lot easier to say that's for sure but the true Geraniums are hardy perennials that live in the garden. Pelargoniums all need frost protection if you want to keep them year on year.

Please note: All our plants (unless stated otherwise) are supplied as ready to pot jumbo plugs. All pictures are to give you guidance as to how the plant may look / flower and depending on how you are viewing our products and your screen settings some colour variations may occur to that seen in real life. We grow everything in peat free compost. Please visit our "How your plants arrive" section on our website for more information.

Spring is almost over, but it isn't too late to order!

Collections available for immediate delivery.

 See Delivery & Terms for further details.

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