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Welcome to Allwoods

Allwoods started in 1910 and became the worlds leading Dianthus specialist, their breeding breakthrough in the early 1900s revolutionised plant breeding with many techniques still used around the world. Many of our early bred varieties are still as popular as ever - such as the famous garden pink 'Doris'.

Allwoods has changed a bit since those days but still holds a unique and impressive plant collection like no-other in the world, the Dianthus range alone (some 400+ varieties) culminates the whole species all under one roof, from tiny alpine pinks flowering at just 2" to Greenhouse Carnations reaching upto 6ft. There is something for everyone, every garden and every colour - some varieties even date back to the Tudor dynasty!!

It is this passion of growing that has kept Allwoods the leading growers and suppliers of Dianthus for over 100 years. But the range doesn't stop there, they also have a large and very interesting collection of Pelargoniums (Geraniums to you and me), unusual Succulents and many other garden plants.


So welcome, happy growing..... and may you become as addicted as we are!

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