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Crassula Brides Bouquet

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Succulent - A Lovely compact small low growing variety that flowers very freely and easily in the spring. flowers are clusters of tiny pink and white blooms creating a round bouquet shape.

Part of the Crassulacea family, which is ranked 3rd in the Succulent plants of the world. They inhabit all the continents of world except Antarctica, and can survive not only in subtropical and tropical areas but also where it can be seasonally freezing cold. Can withstand extreme hot and dry regions, as well as being found unexpectedly in wetlands so are nice and versatile to fit in your greenhouse or large sunny windowsill and conservatory!!

Easy to grow and supplied with full growing instructions. Protect from frost.

Please note: Plant supplied may vary slightly in colour / bushiness to that shown in the picture.

Plant supplied as a pot ready jumbo plug, grown in peat free compost. See "How your plants arrive" section on our website

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