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Mrs Sinkins
Price: £2.95
2. Autumn Bouquet
Price: £17.95

Today's Super Deal!

Mr Wren

Price: £5.50

Unusual single flowers of red with white edges to every petal. A zonal pelargonium.

Best Sellers

Earl of Essex (1990s)
Price: £2.95
24 Blooms
Susanah (1980s)
Price: £2.45
Summerfield Blaze (2004)
Price: £2.45
Doris (1945)
Price: £2.45

New for 2014

Kessock Blush
Price: £3.95
Swiss Star
Price: £5.50
Uncle Ernie
Price: £2.95
Ornamental Bird
Price: £1.25
Crassula Ovata v.Golum Variegata (Red Horn Tree)
Price: £3.25