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Fun Facts about Carnations

For the last 107 years our company has specialised in Carnations as a cut flower, posting these long lasting beauties all over the country. We work so closely with them on a daily basis but how much do we really know about them? I thought it may be interesting to research a little more into the history of this beautiful flower and its origin…

The Carnation has been cultivated for over 2000 years in Asia and Europe and was grown as garden flowers in Ancient Rome & Greece. It is said that the name Carnation derives from the words “coronation” or “corone”, the roman word for flower, as the Ancient Greeks used them as fashionable garlands for ceremonial events.

The Carnation is part of the Caryophyllaceae family and their botanical name “Dianthus” was given to them by Greek botanist, Theophrastus which means “Flower of the Gods.”

According to Catholic legends, the first Carnation was formed from Virgin Mary’s tears when Christ was crucified upon the cross. Leonardo De Vinci’s painting “Madonna of the Carnation” was inspired by this legend.

The natural or original colour of the flower is actually purple-pink but over the years due to cross pollination, selective breeding & genetic engineering we now have many colours to admire, 300 different varieties to be exact.

Overall the Carnation flower is said to represent Love, Fascination & Distinction but you can tailor your message

by the colour you choose, in particular, Deep Red is for Love, White is for purity, Yellow is for disappointment & rejection and Pink is the official flower for Mother’s Day.


If you have a birthday this month, don’t be surprised if you receive an abundance of Carnations as it is the designated birth flower for January. The red Carnation is also the State flower for Ohio and national flower of Spain.

If you are into home remedies, you may be interested to know that these flowers can be used to make tea which aid in helping with stress relief, fatigue, depression, insomnia and female hormonal imbalances. They are also known to be used as flavoring agents in the manufacture of beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages. The flower is edible and the petals can be used to flavour salads or as decorations in ice cubes and on cakes. Just ensure the flower is free of pesticides before ingesting it… Its delightful clove scent has made a unique perfume in the past which was a popular product here at Allwoods back in the good ‘ol days.

I think it’s fair to say that this charming flower is often over looked when compared to the beauty of a Rose or Lily but is in no way any less magnificent. We pride ourselves on our quality of Carnations and here, they are our number 1.

So treat yourself or someone special to something a little different and order one of our bouquets by post at or give us a call us on 01273 844 229.

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