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Growing your own Carnations?

Greenhouse carnations or Perpetual Flowering Carnations as they are also known come in an array of beautiful colours and are true treasures in any garden.

We have 20 different varieties to our range, which are extremely popular with our customers. They are easy to grow when in favoured conditions and make a stunning cut flower to bring indoors, because let’s be honest, we all love flowers in the house!


This year, of particular interest is the re-listed variety New York – this variety is in recognition of Emma, our superstar who completed the New York marathon last year despite having badly broken her finger 6 days prior. Read all about her fantastic achievement here.

The flower itself is a beautiful soft green colour and I love adding it to bouquets with deep clove red or deep purple flowers as it contrasts so well with those dark shades.

We have introduced two new varieties which you won’t want to miss out on, 

Natalia a very soft cream flower and Qiora a lovely gentle lilac. These two colours work really well together but will be stunning on their own too.

Perpetual Flowering Carnations are best grown in pots as they do not like to be water logged. They don’t mind the cold so much but with our very wet winters, they won’t survive in such

saturated conditions. We also recommend using

plant supports as the plant will require supporting as it grows.

To ensure the best results on flowering, remove any side shooting flowers and focus on one main flower. The plant will invest all its energy into that one flower resulting in healthy, gorgeous flowers. If you are wanting your plants to flower all year round, you would need a heated greenhouse to maintain the temperature they require to keep flowering.

If you would like a little more information on the care of these easy to grow plants we offer a ‘Growing the Allwoods Way‘ booklet priced just £2.99. This 16 page guide to successful growing of all the plants we sell, not just carnations.  It helps you get started, to long term care, we cover the basics and show you how to get the most from our range of plants, from taking cuttings right through to watering your plants.  Order you copy HERE

For further information and advice on growing your own Carnations, please call our office on 01273 844 229. Our full range can be viewed here.

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