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Happy New Year!

Well as I watch the dawn rise on yet another day I wonder what this new year will bring us, certainly 2021 has been another "odd" year both here in the nursery, in the world and on a personal side also, but as with every new day it brings hope, new hope of what is to come and this year is no different.

2022 has certainly got some hope for us, and I am refusing to mention the "C" word, there's been far too much talk of it and very little else these last 2 years and there is so much else going on in the world.

Here at the nursery we certainly have much going on, from our first grandchild back in July to the loss of David’s father over Christmas, just a couple of reasons I have been so quiet on social media, and on the nursery side of things there has also been much change. This summer saw the erection and development of our new Garden Centre “Garden Thyme” on the Allwoods site, keep an eye out for the new website and social media coming soon - as like most things garden related it is still a work in progress but it opened its doors this autumn and winter and we look forward to how it develops over this coming year.

On the Allwoods nursery there has also been much happening, with all the lock-downs it gave us the time to really look at our collection of plants and concentrate on the nursery - it has never been so tidy! The extra spare time also gave us the time to give attention to bulk up some of the varieties that we have been growing in our private collection and it is, as always, with great excitement that we are now able to offer these for the first time in our range, and there’s quite a few so as always we have listed them all on our website which you can view here or by requesting a copy of our Spring plants by post colour catalogue.

So may we wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful growing year, here’s hoping 2022 can be a super colourful one for us all.


Emma, David and the rest of the Allwoods team

Happy Growing

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