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What a year so far, after such a wet and stormy winter, March arrived and our mail order deliveries started in earnest, we have already sent out a whopping 750 orders this month alone.  Like most people we are actively monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak, yet we are still in a position to continue taking and posting orders, so if you want to add some colour to your garden this summer, or bring a bit of cheer to a windowsill then you still have time to place your order for delivery to your door for this season.

This Season's "Hot Buys"

Fuchsias, Fuchsias Fuchsias

Who doesn't like these flowering beauties, we have a range of Hardy, Bush and Trailing Fuchsias available and they are so easy to grow and will readily flower giving you a wonderful display all summer long. Shop Fuchsia's


These are still incredibly popular and we have such a range to choose from.  Our Succulent Collection offer is a great way to bulk buy and start your own terrarium or create a table feature. Shop Succulent's

Scented Leaf Pelargoniums

Scent - 1 of our 5 senses and one we rely on so heavily.  Our scented leaf range of Pelargoniums are perfect if you like to be more hands on.  They can be used to create your own pot pourii, in cooking and medicine and deserve a spot in the culinary garden or plot Shop Scented Leaf's


Fresh Flowers, bring a ray of sunshine....

With all the worry in the world at the moment, being kind to each other is paramount, we need to take a moment to stop and enjoy the beauty around us, have some time with the people we love.  Growing your own plants and flowers is so rewarding, giving a bunch of flowers to someone else is not only gratifying for yourself but the reward to the other person can be priceless, it can really bring a ray of sunshine to someones day and every time they look upon them it will bring a smile to their face. Flowers can say so very much, without the need for words and can last more than a moment, the joy that you get when you receive flowers can stay with you for days, weeks even.  Flowers can be sent for any occasion or simply for no reason at all, they can change that persons day and mean so much - even a little treat for yourself - a little pick-me-up.  They not only brighten a room but can lift a mood and they just keep giving. Allwoods have been sending cut flowers by post since 1915, bringing love, joy and smiles to a lot of people.


Standing the test of time...

Who'd have thought a chance conversation at a family wedding in 1908 would result in the development of the worlds largest Dianthus nursery, but that is exactly what happened and in the year 1910 Allwoods begin, now in 2020 we are celebrating 110 years of Allwoods nursery! To mark the occasion there is a commemorative book "Celebrating 110 years, continuing to grow", it goes into great detail about the rise of this historic firm, how it came about, it's many achievements and gives a whole new insight into how it has had to adapt to the ever changing world we are now in along with how the collection of plants has grown.

If you would like to, you can buy a copy here.

** For a limited time only we are including this book FREE with every plant order placed with us. To claim your FREE commemorative book use 110BK in the coupon code box during checkout ** Offer valid on plant orders placed: 19th March to 31st March 2020.


As we watch the news, potentially having to becoming isolated from friends and family we need plants in our life to keep us sane, bring some cheer and colour in these dark days ahead. As we are unable to travel as freely our gardens will become our place of solace and buying by mail order will not only keep you away from potential risks but also will help ensure small businesses like ours continue for the future. These are difficult times, with no certainty and we just hope we can bring a little bit of sunshine to you and your gardens.

Please be assured that we will operate with the best intentions and aim to carry on with ‘business as usual’. Please continue to call, email or use our website for any inquiries or to place your orders.

Thanks for reading

From all of us here at Allwoods

Stay Safe and Happy Growing!

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Henry Cavil
Henry Cavil
Aug 26, 2022

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