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Now we’ve time to catch our breath…

Today we are officially halfway through 2018 and that is a scary thought as it feels like just the other day we were signing off for the Christmas break. However they do say time flies when you’re having fun… Hmmm fun has certainly been had but the last four months have been some what mental for us.

This Spring, we decided to have a bash at our largest mail order yet… crazy right? 90 000 people were sent a copy of our Plants by post catalogue and for a small family run business of our size, that is a rather substantial size mailing to take on but, now that we’ve had time to catch our breath, looking back over the past few months, we are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved.

The response to our catalogue has been so overwhelming. It brings such joy to us to know that our products are so appealing to so many people all over the country and would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has supported us this year and especially for your patience.

We know we are not the only ones who have struggled with the weather this year which has been somewhat strange and unpredictable, more so then usual. From the bitterly cold winter and thick snow that hit us in Sussex to all of a sudden reaching temperatures of 40 degrees in the greenhouse in a matter of weeks, to say some plants were struggled from shock is an understatement. Due to the peaks and troughs in light levels and drastic change in temperatures, we admittedly have encountered some issues this year which we have tried our hardest to rectify as best we can but as many of you can appreciate, working with a living product is not an easy task.

A few of our varieties have struggled this year and when the mother stock plants are not happy, to take strong, healthy cuttings proves to be rather difficult. We are aware that some orders were delayed due to the plants not being available and we can only apologise for any inconvenience caused but again would like to thank our customers for their loyalty and patience through this trying season.

Despite the few hiccups along the way, on the whole this Spring has proven to be extremely successful for us with many of our new varieties introduced this year being smash hits in many gardens, along with our trusty old timers, such as Doris. We are still taking orders and will be doing so right up until November when the weather starts to turn. Our Spring catalogue is valid until the end of July but not to worry, we will be sending another tempting catalogue out for the Autumn so keep your eyes peeled as that should be hitting your post box in September.

For those who are still not aware, we also do cut flowers and send those via post all across the country too. Visit our flower website for further information.

Wishing everyone a long, delightful Summer and look forward to doing future business with you.

The Allwoods Team

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