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The big launch….

Well following on from my previous blog:  Our new plant gets Marie Curie’s attention…. where David & I had to go to London to have a meeting with the team at Marie Curie, the meeting was a huge success and we came back in the knowledge we had been chosen to be a part of the big Daffodil launch!  The only thing we were not expecting when we agreed to all this was the weather!

This week has seen the UK  become an ice cube, with the big freeze – the ‘Beast from the East’ has dropped snow on nearly everyone and the wind chill is well below freezing.  Heck on Tuesday evening our temperature gauge was reading -10c…. Brrr.  But Wednesday evening we were in the big city, London staying in a hotel.  The boys were happy as the hotel rooms had complimentary kit-kats and hot chocolate!! and the rooms were toasty and warm – but it was off to bed early as we had an early start.

Thursday morning 1st March, the alarm was set for 4.45, kids had us up before then!  It had snowed a little more during the night but nothing to write home about, but I can say I have never seen London with snow and it was very magical, looking out my warm hotel window.  Breakfast was at 5.25am nice full cooked affair and the taxi was picking us up at 5.45am.

We arrived at Paternoster Square where

Marie Curie’s design team had been hard at work creating the display,   there was such a flurry of activity, people, cameras, and lights.

But it looked so beautiful in the twilight before dawn with St. Pauls in the background and the snow still around the square – but the wind – oh my! the wind was another thing, it cut right through you and was relentless.


In between all the activity we were called upon to be photographed, between the daffodils and it really was rather surreal, 1st Day of March – spring… and we were surrounded by snow… the snow did actually enhance the flowers making them look more stunning and real but trying to look happy, calm and relaxed is quite hard when your wrapped up for the artic and have snow blowing in your face.  I am still not sure how Marie Curie Nurse, Mary actually did it, taking her coat off for the photo shoots, must be her Irish blood, making us all southern softies hehe

But it was an amazing morning, we all got to be photographed with the three celebrities that were there for the launch, Jason Isaacs, Stacey Solomon & Alison Steadman.  And the boys seemed to have a great time, and did remarkably well considering how long we were there for, but most importantly the reason we were there…  Marie Curie.


As I said in my previous blog this all came about because of the sudden battle and subsequent death of my father, Tim Wilson, to Pancreatic Cancer in December 2016, the care and comfort the Marie Curie & St. Barnabas nurses gave both to our family and my dad was

unmeasurable.  As a plant nursery woman the only way I could give something back was by naming a plant that we had bred here on the nursery some time ago but had remained nameless, this Angel Pelargonium finally got a name in the Spring of 2017, when we named it

Treasured Memories in honour and memory of the man who had given me so much.  This plant will always be very special to me because of that, but it was also hoped that it would bring comfort and cheer to others who have been touched either directly or indirectly by Cancer or other terminal illnesses.

So this March I am wearing my Daffodil with pride, knowing that by wearing it I am showing my support of Marie Curie and the greatness they do, that by donating to them they can continue to touch peoples lives, bringing light in times of darkness and continue doing the amazing job they do.

Marie_Curie Group 2

And finally, and more importantly thank you for reading!!

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