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Have a great on trend 2018

Happy New Year, we saw the end of 2017 out with a record amount of flowers leaving us to wish people all over the UK a very Merry Christmas. On our return we have been inundated with compliments about our flowers and there longevity which makes them great value for money…

“Received my beautiful carnations from my husband yesterday and they  are lovely. Have a lovely Christmas all of you and thanks  for your wonderful service all the year. Happy Christmas”  C & M Kerr, Strood
“Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for my lovely plants, all of which are thriving and happy.  Best Wishes” P. Thompson

Carnations have an old fashioned stigma that they are finding hard to shake off, but whats not to love? They still feature in the top 10 of cut flowers, they are long lasting

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good value for money and versatile in & out of water, which makes them great for arranging and arrangements. Simply try plunging in a large vase, or why not try a recycled glass jar or enamel water jug for that vintage style which is right on trend this season.

They work well for Button holes or table centre displays in oasis, a tied bouquet of just carnations is not only pretty but perfect for the bride to be.  Carnations don’t even have to be displayed in water, I have seen flower heads tied to coloured ribbon and hung down to create a beautiful walk through garland over a door, or why not select multiple flower heads of various colours and arrange in a tall glass container, they can be out of water for several days before any signs of wilting…. so go on be adventurous!

This spring we are in love with our peach and soft pink shades, which mix nicely with white or the paler pastel colours. If your looking for something a little m

ore cheerful for these dull cold wintery days then consider burgundy, plums, lilacs and hot pinks which work well together and have proved extremely popular in our Fantasy Bouquet. All our bouquets include our leather leaf fern which is longer lasting than most foliage types and again is very on trend this year, it survives well out of water on its journey to you and won’t curl, unlike some which can suffer when traveling through the post.

And don’t forget all our packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable we don’t use any plastic wrapping to pack the flowers, meaning you can recycle the cardboard box and bridge. The paper lining is compostable as well as the flowers and foliage once they are eventually  past their best.

Another promising 2018 trend are Succulents and Cacti which are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their easy nature to look after and their ability to thrive on neglect.  They make a fabulous addition if you’re looking for something a little more unusual, and I have seen many used as table decorations in restaurants and weddings, of particular interest this season are Echeveria’s, these have great foliage with some interesting

colours and make nice easy plants that flower well.  Sedum’s also have a similar foliage and compact nature and there’s an amazing variety of them too.  We have a new launch this spring 

Sedum Clavatum which has a beautiful silver blue hue to the leaves. Two of my favourite succulents have to be Plectranthus Amboinicus which is scented – I just adore it- and Oscularia Deltoides with its silver blue foliage, and when it comes into flower it looks absolutely stunning with its bright purple/pink daisy like flowers.

And finally… Auriculas are still a firm favourite with upright stems of striking primula blooms and a smooth green foliage, a very pretty addition which make a fabulous feature flower. Fancy giving them a try? Grow your own with our pack of 8 plants that can be potted up or grown in the garden BUY NOW.

Filling your garden with flowers for cutting and bringing into the house is back on the agenda again as the fashion for a more natural looking and olde English country garden flower is back, making many of our pinks and carnations a great addition to your garden, with this in mind our latest addition to our range Dianthus Superbus fits the bill perfectly with it’s feathery flowers and clove scent or if you are wanting something smaller then our dainty alpine pink Whatfield Wisp fits the bill perfectly.

Whatever the trend, we hope you have a fantastic year!  Please feel free to leave any comments below.

Happy growing…..

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