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New season, New Plants (part 2)

Following on from our earlier blog about what's new this Autumn we now focus on the newly listed Pelargoniums that we have added this season and there are several....

In pride of place is the stunning Askham Fringed Aztec - this is absolutely beautiful and makes such a fantastic plant that flowers freely or why not try New Gypsy, with its bold striking flowers or maybe you fancy something a little more subtle? Then why not try our new species variety Gibbosum, it is a rarity that is worth a try at growing with its nobbly plant growth and interesting flower colour - makes a worthy addition to any plant collection.

In the coloured leaf range we have one of my favorites Meadowside Mahogany the richness of the leaves makes it look almost velvety and the contrasting orange/red flowers stand out superbly against the dark foliage.

Our ever popular scented leaf range has been expanded and first up is Candy Dancer this is such a pretty plants with its highly serrated leaves a lovely rose citrus scent, similar to Turkish delight or why not try Charmay Snowflurry with its really pretty variegated leaf and lovely rose lemon scent, will make an impressive specimen or the ultimate newbie for this season is the Variegated Fragrans this nutmeg scented variety has such dainty yellow and green leaves and makes a wonderful compact plant.

In the zonal range we have this variety - Hot Spot Rio, it has stunningly bright flowers (the picture really doesn't do it justice) and makes a nice compact plant so definitely worth having one in the greenhouse. Another pretty plant making its return is Susan Pearce this is a stunning Regal variety that flowers profusely.

And last but not least is Fairy Orchid, I have really become rather fond of Angels in the last few years and anyone new to growing Pele's I would definitely recommend growing a few. They make such dainty little plants and flower so, so much! Making them spectacular display plants or ideal summer bedding that'll give lots of colour.

And that wraps it up on the new additions for this season, you can view all our newly listed plants direct on our website.

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or suggestions then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Happy Growing

Emma & The Allwoods team

For more information on our Pelargonium collection and how it came about why not read our earlier blog "The Story behind our Geraniums"

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