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New Plants for 2020

With all the festivities a fond memory and the elastic waistband trousers on after all that eating, we are busy working off the extra pounds getting ready with preparations for the new season down in the greenhouses and we have a lot to shout about this year as it will be our most ambitious yet!

2020 sees us celebrating 110 years of growing and supplying plants, who'd have thought that a chance conversation at a funeral back in the early 1900s would lead to the start of Allwoods, but that is how the story goes and now 110 years later the wonderful work our founders did is still very much being kept alive. We continue to grow many of the varieties they bred as well as producing new ones. This year is no exception with the debut release of our new garden pink Allwoods One Ten, it is an honour to be able to release this variety after several years of hardwork.

Our brand new garden pink Allwoods One Ten

Allwoods One Ten is a delightful compact variety that has good strong stems and is excellent for planting at the front of a border as it doesn't get too big. We hope you will love this variety as much as we do.

Another newly listed variety is the beautiful and strongly clove scented

Highly scented garden pink called Hollycroft Fragrance

Hollycroft Fragrance, this garden pink has not been seen for many, many years and was thanks to Mr Tindall from Northumberland who kindly sent us a few cuttings off his plant asking us to identify it. On receiving it we got very excited as we had not seen it available for many years, with his permission he let us root some of the cuttings and we have been able to revive and re-introduce this fantastic garden pink back into circulation. The scent from this variety is AMAZING!!

For the show growers or cut flower enthusiasts we have several new perpetual flowering carnations added, Loup and Mohave have to be in our top favourite because of the unusual colours. Sandra is an orange beauty and then we have Turbo with its highly serrated petals and don't forget Celtic, this lime green flower mixes well in any arrangement, it makes a real statement piece if planted together in a pretty pot.

On the Spray carnations we have added Time a striking white ground pink picotee and so favoured for its pretty bloom it has become the front cover star of our celebratory issue of our Spring catalogue. Another new spray is Brunello a deep, deep solid red, a colour we have not been able to offer for awhile also back by popular demand is the bright sun yellow Sonia.

Keeping in the greenhouse Succulents are seeing a steady rise in popularity and it is so easy to see why. They are so simple to grow, require very little care and can be used for so many projects from creating terariums to making table decorations at a wedding. We are very fortunate to have amassed the unusual collection including many rare beauties from Emma's parents business that was closed due to the sudden death of her father (read more about this on our previous blog here) This year sees us add another 2 to our mail order range, we have the delightful Cotyledon Adscendens a pretty plant that doesn't get too big. Native to South Africa but easily grown here in the UK in either a conservatory, greenhouse or a sunny windowsill. It makes a bushy shrub plant that can be kept neat and tidy by trimming to size with beautiful red tips that get deeper the more sun it receives. Another beauty that has been added is Ruchsia Maxima, this fleshy structural plant flowers readily with dainty purple blooms. I can't remember the last time I saw it for sale anywhere else so well worth adding especially if you're an avid collector.

As with all Succulents, they can be grown outside in the summer months (once the frosts have passed) this is especially useful if space is needed in the greenhouse - Just don't forget to bring them back in again in the Autumn before the frosts start!

In the Pelargoniums our collection continues to grow and this year we are proud to list Highfield Choice & Highfield Dazzler, both are perfect for creating a showy display in the garden. For the show exhibitors amongst us the newly listed Deacon Trousseau and Deacon Lilac Mist are perfect for the dwarf classes.

But if you are wanting something with a bit of scent then Rober's Lemon Rose is a delight with it's irregular lobed leaves that are felty to the touch and it has a lovely rose scent.

Rober's Lemon Rose

And not forgetting our range of Fuchsias, we cater for all requirements - hardy, bush and trailing, this year we have introduced several to our range from Bicentennial a large flowering variety with striking two tone flowers or why not try Koralle Fulgens for something a little different. If you're looking for the pièce de résistance then the brand new Waltz Jubilee is a must! It makes a stunning impact planter if several are grown together in a large pot and the flowers are so, so pretty.

2020 Spring Mail Order Catalogue

Of course all our new and newly listed varietes are detailed on our website alongside our timeless classics. If you prefer to look at a paper catalogue rather than a screen when ordering we offer a 64 page glossy catalogue listing this seasons specials we will happily post one to you (free to UK addresses. Overseas addresses will incure a small delivery charge.) If you would like a copy please email:  include your name & address and we will pop one in the post to you.

Thanks for reading and I hope we can tempt you with some of the many plants we grow.

Best wishes and happy growing


Do you have a Garden pink, Carnation, Pelargonium or Succulent that you would like us to list? like we did for Mr Tindall. Then do please send us details of your plant. You can send us information by email to and ideally include a photo of the plant with foliage and flower showing, and the plants name and we will be in touch.

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