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A little bit of laced…..

Lets talk about laced garden pinks, these were incredibly popular in Victorian times and are such treasures. They have a similar long flowering period to the modern garden pinks, but the most alluring feature is their beautiful markings and lacing on the petals. They also have a wonderful clove scent.

Today’s top pick are the ‘London’ series, these were bred by Mr McQuown, with his first variety released in 1960, from then until 1994 he raised a further 14 varieties, unfortunately only 4 are still in existence that we know of: London Brocade, London Glow, London Lovely & London Poppett.

In 1984 our good friend the Galbally’s from Eastbourne raised Becky Robinson, using London Brocade as one of the parent plants. The Galballys mostly bred Border carnations rather than pinks but had an impressive collection.

Another popular variety, which considering it has been going since the 1800s proves it is a good one, is Dad’s Favourite, it has a slightly shorter flowering season but well worth it, the colour and scent is amazing. It was discovered by A.J MacSelf in a garden in northumberland and is believed to have been raised in Scotland by the Paisley weavers along with Paisley Gem.

For a more recent introduction and awarded an AGM is ‘Grans Favourite‘, bred in 1966 by Mrs D Underwood in Colechester, the colours and lacing is one of our best sellers and it is clear to see why and then of course theirs the clove scent that is divine!

So these are just a few of the beautiful laced garden pinks range we grow for our full list please visit our website and hope you have enjoyed reading.

Happy Growing

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