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Winter is coming

As we say goodbye to the wonderful warm sunshine and watch as the last of the Summer colours fade, not to worry as we have some lovely new varieties to add to your garden, we are still taking orders if you wish to add some winter colour, and this season we have a selection for you to choose from such as Primula’s, Viola’s, Pansies and Aubrietia’s just to name a few. These beauties are available in great collection savers at £12.95 for 10 plants but what’s more is that until the end of October, we are offering these collections at just £9.99 so don’t miss out on this great offer before the month is up.

 Our range of Pinks still prove ever popular and if you order & receive plants now we advise to overwinter in a cool frame rather than planting outside, although Pinks are hardy, this is only true when the plants have established.  Young/small plants are more prone to extreme weather conditions, long wet days and the cold can have a harmful effect on them and a little care now will reward you in the spring when your plants are much more established and will producing flowers when the weather improves in March/April.  If you don’t have a cold frame then our suggestion would be to request Spring delivery, we will then process your order and ensure we deliver at the correct time – you can specify this month to us to fit around your life or we can use our judgement if you are unsure.

Pelargoniums & Succulents are also still available to order for delivery this time of year – but don’t forget ALL of these varieties require frost protection and cannot be left outside!!  Succulents also need to start having a dormant period – this is essential if you want the plant to flower for you next year, our usual trick is to stop watering when the clocks change in the Autumn and start watering again when the clocks change in the Spring.  Unless the plants are kept in a room temperature environment they will survive 6 months without water and tolerate our cold winters better – remember with succulents, kindness kills!!!

The stunning new varieties in our Perpetual Carnation range have been popular this September and if you’ve always fancied trying to grow your own then these are the perfect plants.  They are easy to grow and will reward you with an abundance of flowers with very little effort.  Perfect if you are wanting to try your hand at exhibiting at your local gardening show!! 

Our winters have been particularly wet ones over the last few years and as with most plants planted in the garden they don’t cope well when waterlogged, so make sure they have good drainage and are not likely to be sitting in water for long periods – none of us like that!!

For more tips on caring for your plants this Winter, give us a call on 01273 844229 and we will be happier to advise you however we do send a growing guide with all our orders or you can order a copy by clicking HERE.

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